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Createnspread has retired, it's impossible to keep up with Facebook's injustice

Translation Jobs

We have 90+ languages in our database, but is not yet translated to these languages. If your native language is not English and you are fluent in English, smart, easily reachable and interested in translating for us please send an email. Why smart? We have a simple interface for translations, you can even translate everything in 30 minutes, but you have to understand where each translation goes and in some rare cases work with us on 1-2 phrases. We don't need professional translators, we need fast and smart translators.

Write Applications/Games

Especially games, we need games. If you are fluent in Python and browser game development you may develop games for us. These games should be themeless on theory, so that they can be translated and themed for different occasions. Drop us an email and make the subject stand out =)

Application/Game Ideas

If you have a great application/game idea that you have designed in depth, you can share it with us, depending on the situation we may work something out. In these cases design is very important, if you can even draw your application that would be a plus.

Contact Us for Jobs

Don't hesitate to email us at: