Create applications, spread them, have fun

Createnspread has retired, it's impossible to keep up with Facebook's injustice
Flash Game App
There are thousands of flash games that are not yet created as a Facebook Apps, you can turn your favorite Flash Games into Facebook Application's, there are thousands of Games that you can choose from! You can find games here and then select that game from the in-app Admin.
Just HTML App for both Pages and Canvas
Different from Simple HTML for Pages, You enter the HTML that will be shown to every Page which adds this App. You can utilize this app as a Friend Invites for Pages App or anything your want. Now you can enter HTML for Canvas too and use this app as a regular Facebook App!
Simple HTML for Pages App
This is a Custom HTML App for Pages. Every page needs to use these kind of apps. The page owner adds the app to his/her page and from the App's Admin interface inserts his/her own HTML to be shown.
Find Out Your Fans Application
This application analyzes user profile data and determines the fans/best friends of the user.
Social Questions App
From the Admin Panel of the app you enter the first questions for the App. Then users answer these questions. These questions can be about a user or user's friends. When a user answers a question it it sent to the users wall or the wall of a users friend. That is why this application grows very QUICK! You can start earning significant amounts in DAYS!
Yes/No Game
This is very similar to the Social Questions App, but the questions can be answered either Yes or No.
Status and Smiley App
With this application users can include SMILIES! in their posts. You can also name application to funny things like "Nokia 3310" so that it will be fun when users post statuses to their profiles.